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American Foursquare

by Denison Witmer

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    releases May 8, 2020

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American Foursquare
Confident Sensitive Child
Birds of Virginia
Simple and True
San Francisco


releases May 8, 2020

All songs written by Denison Witmer. Havre De Grace Music Publishing (BMI)

Produced and arranged by Thomas Bartlett, Andy Park, Denison Witmer, & Abby Gundersen

American Foursquare was recorded over 2018-2019 in New York, NY at Reservoir Studios & The Honey Jar, Seattle, WA at The Crumb, Studio Litho, and Avast Studio, and Lancaster, PA at Right Coast Studio and The Sugartank. Engineered by Thomas Bartlet, Andy Park, & Denison Witmer. Additional engineering by Devin Greenwood, Aaron Campbell, Bobby Gentilo, William Fitzsimmons, Don Peris.

Mixed by Andy Park at The Crumb


all rights reserved


Track Name: Catalina Love
I don’t have another choice
I’m living in the void
When I think about you lately
My head fills up with noise

You left here two months ago
I saw the hand of God swing low
And the garden I had planted
Was covered in the snow

How am I going to let you know that I need your love?
How am I going to let you go Catalina Love?

Everything around went black
I sat up in the flash
Was it just me who heard it?
Is it just me who knows?

There are things I’ll never say
It will always be that way
Forever in your memory
Forever on your face

How am I going to let you know that I need your love?
How am I going to let you go Catalina Love?

I have a special place
A place that’s just my own
My namesake’s ash and bones
Are buried in the waves
Track Name: Save Me From Myself
I don’t live alone
I have two children and a wife
When the day folds over
I don’t have much extra time

In my middle age
I do the math on give versus take
And it still holds true that nothing lost is nothing gained

Save me from myself and love me

Like a child needs love
And a structure to their day
I see it all before me
Laid out in the simplest way

In the modern age
My addictions have me caged
And the social posturing
I feel cynical and vain

Save me from myself and love me
Track Name: River of Music
Lay me down on a river of music
And push me back out into myself
To the chime of a guitar
The shake of a drum
The walk of a piano
The voices that hum
Lay me down

Where would I be if I didn’t have music?
Light bending through the window
Red leaf in the sky

By the middle of week…
How much can I take?
Then a song comes through…
I know that I’ll make it

We live in a difficult time
How do you want to live your life?
Where are you going to spend your love?
Isn’t that alone enough?

I’m having a difficult time
How do I want to live my life?
Where am I going to spend my love?
Isn’t that alone enough?
Isn’t love alone enough?

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